EZ Payment Services Focuses on Patient Satisfaction Which Leads to High Patient Retention.

EZ Payment Service is committed to understanding the marketplace and growing payments with technology, to help clients grow their business. With a suite of products to fit a company’s needs, and a reputation for dependable customer service, EZ Payment Services offers comprehensive value that clients have come to rely on.

Because technology is embedded in everyday life – It’s how people Learn, Explore, Shop, and Manage their finances. It’s how you operate your business. Which is why EZ Payment Services is a tech-focused payment solutions provider
committed to offering innovative payment solutions to make processing payments easier for your company.

EZ Payment Services client-first approach, commitment to compliance and seamless integration with operating
systems ensures balance between protection and profitability.


    • Providing accelerated revenue collection, less bad debt, and fewer days in A/R.
    • Better patient satisfaction, as consumers avoid collection calls and credit report red flags.
    • Affordable monthly payments and a clear resolution to a potentially sticky financial situation.
    • EZP offers multiple ways to remit payments – mail-in remittance, payment by phone, online payments, and mobile payments.
    • EZP has patient statements that offers online pay and support tools.
    • EZP offers trained employees to prioritize online channels when talking to patients about payments while speaking over the phone.
    • EZP offers two types of payment portals.
      •   Guest / Quick Pay Portal – giving patients the simplicity and convenience of an online payment, but without the hassles of registration and passwords.
      •   Full Service Portal – giving patients control of their healthcare bills and the convenience of paperless billing. 74% of consumers are both willing and able to make a payment.
  • 37% of all patients cited a lack of payment plan options.
  • Nearly 62% of all bills are now paid online.
  • From 2011 to 2014, mobile bill payers have frown by 350%.
  • During that same period, the number of automated payment plans increased by 314%.
  • 93% of consumers would pay online a provider’s health plan’s website if given the option.
  • Mobile pay, emergency payment, billing alerts, and reminders are all emerging web-based tools that consumers want to use. And providers that offer them not only receive the benefits of faster, automated payment – they can also improve customer satisfaction levels.
  • 43% of consumers reported that having multiple ways to pay their bills would increase their overall satisfaction and remit payments on time.

The Patient Payment Solution

A complete solution that enables you to manage your financial relationships better than a bank.

EZ Payment Solutions

The Patient Payment Solutions can integrate with multiple billing systems simultaneously to present bills and payment options that make it remarkably easy for patients to understand, verify and pay.


Easily create and deliver individually customized offers that make sense for each patient.


Patients can pay now or configure a customized payment plan that fits within their budget, and providers can choose where that debt lives.